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1. Small size, easy to carry, can be used by individual soldiers; compact structure, built-in GPS/BDS, WIFI, hotspot, roll angle, azimuth, and other sets of sensors, with high-precision laser ranging system

2. The boot time is less than 5s, the ultra-long standby time is up to 7 hours, the performance is stable and reliable, and it can work without distinction between day and night. For harsh monitoring environments.

3. One-click photography and video recording, easy to capture monitoring details; 64G (Up to 256G) storage space is convenient for information storage and transmission, viewing and forensics.

4. The product adopts non-blocking design, unique image processing algorithm, obvious denoising effect, unique digital enhancement algorithm, picture-in-picture enlargement and image automatic stretching algorithm, and the use effect exceeds that of ordinary thermal imaging products on the market.

5. The 1024×768 ultra-high-resolution OLED eyepiece system makes the system imaging clearer; 50Hz real-time imaging, fast movement without smear. Professional telephoto germanium lens imaging with 1-8 times continuous zoom, longer detection distance and wider range. White heat/black heat/brown/iron red/rainbow are available in a variety of colors, with adjustable brightness and gain (more convenient to find targets in extremely harsh environments).

6. The infrared lens adopts aspheric technology, which reduces the weight and optical length of the lens while improving the optical performance, and adopts a unique center calibration method to ensure that the optical image of different targets is clear at different distances and temperatures.

7. The optical material adopts unconventional material with strong reliability and stability; the lens is coated with infrared anti-reflection film and waterproof film, which is easy to wipe and protect. ABS material is used for appearance as the main material of structural design, which has good processability and reliability, and the appearance effect after processing is good.

Application area

It can be used for public security law enforcement, drug investigation and anti-smuggling, armed police counter-control, border inspections, coastal patrols, and individual night reconnaissance.






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