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1. Portability: small size, easy to carry and good privacy.

2. High-definition display: The eyepiece is a high-definition 1024×768 resolution OLED display, which can work normally at minus -45°.

3. Strong adaptability: It can be monitored in all-weather environment.

4. The upgrade space is large, and external mobile devices can be connected to realize wireless device control and wireless video transmission.

5. Stable power supply: high-performance lithium battery, strong power to meet outdoor needs. There is also a large-capacity external mobile power supply to meet long-term uninterrupted outdoor use.

6. High structural strength: The appearance is made of hard material as the main material of the structural design, with good manufacturability and reliability, and the appearance effect after processing is good.

Application area

It can be used for public security law enforcement, drug investigation and anti-smuggling, armed police counter-control, border inspections, coastal patrols, and individual night reconnaissance.





    As the most important content of my country's maritime system, waterway management has always been a The focus of the transportation supervision section, its main responsibility is to improve the quality of shipping and Shipping efficiency


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